Job Description

JOB OVERVIEW: The Aquatics Director is responsible for the safety of all participants (campers and staff) utilizing the beach at all times. This position is responsible for the planning and delivery of educational activities at North Beach. This position is responsible for managing all aquatics staff including; WSI, lifeguards, and boating staff. Ensure activities are safe, fun, and appropriate to campers’ age and abilities. Provide management to the physical operation of the beach’s facilities and equipment.

• Display a consistent positive attitude towards members and fellow Hale staff
• Create and maintain a reputation for credibility, integrity and fairness
• Uphold the Hale Core Values

• Manage and train leadership staff team of six and overall summer staff of approx. 30
• Ensure swimming and boating beach areas are safe daily
• Insure high quality Red Cross swim education programs and boating education programs are executed throughout the entire summer
• Serve as primary liaison between aquatic programs and Partner Camp clients
• Schedule staff for additional programs on weekends and evenings as needed


  1. Manage leadership staff team of six and overall summer staff of approximately 30
    a. Oversee administrative duties for all staff including maintenance of staff files, certifications, and paperwork
    b. Maintain detailed & thorough documentation of all swim tests, lessons, in-service trainings, & staff evaluations
    c. Lead pre-season orientation and trainings, and develop and implement training and education In-Services throughout the summer
    d. Oversee and ensure a proper staff evaluation program is carried out with support of leadership team
    e. Directly supervise Bin Directors as they implement oversight for their areas
    f. Manage work schedule for all employees 
  2. Ensure swimming and boating beach areas are safe
    a. Conduct daily evaluations of safety needs and potential improvements for safety of swimming and boating programs
    b. Evaluate facilities in vicinity of swim program for safety and cleanliness, including: beach area, hill, lifeguard pavilion, parking areas, trail from road to beach, and bathrooms
    c. Implement safety training program for staff, including directing emergency drills throughout the summer to improve staff emergency response
    d. Maintain personal level of fitness to participate in rescues 
  3. Ensure a high quality Red Cross swim education program and boating education program are executed throughout the summer a. Work with Bin Directors and Boating Director to implement education programs as outlined by Red Cross and the Hale Boating curriculum b. Ensure that waterfront space is conducive to quality aquatic education programs and instructors receive adequate support in program delivery 
  4. Serve as primary liaison between aquatic programs and clients
    a. Communicate with Partner Camp directors on a regular basis about program improvement ideas, safety and ongoing logistics
    b. Facilitate effective communication with partner camp staff regarding beach regulations, staff expectations, and program feedback 
  5. Schedule staff for additional programs on weekends and evening
    a. Based on lifeguarding and boating needs for programs outside of regular camp day, schedule lifeguards as appropriate 
  6. Complete additional duties assigned by supervisor. 

• Able to observe, listen to, evaluate and act upon safety concerns related to a large waterfront operation
• Able to easily access all areas of Hale by foot
• Able to appropriately address camper and Partner Camp issues in person and on the phone
• Able to physically assist with facility upkeep at beach area
• Able to lead and facilitate rescues and emergency procedures

Apply by: April 7 2020


Camp/Organization: Hale

Location: Westwood, MA

Type of Position: Specialized Activity Leader

Time Frame: Seasonal


• Minimum age: 21 years or older
• Current American Red Cross Lifeguard Training and First Aid
• Current American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer
• Water Safety Instructor Certification (preferred but not required)
• High School Diploma
• Prior experience managing aquatics staff
• Waterfront/Beach experience preferred

• Knowledge and application of lifeguarding surveillance and rescue techniques; experience with waterfront lifeguarding preferred but not required
• An understanding of facility characteristics, rules, policies, and procedures
• Leadership and public relations skills
• Decision-making skills
• Prior experience in aquatic instruction
• Prior experience working with children


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Jaclyn Ross

80 Carby St
Westwood, Massachusetts 02090