4-H Camp Natural Foods Cook - UMaine 4-H Center at Tanglewood


Job Description

The camp kitchen is a magical hub of activity and bounty at the UMaine 4-H Center at Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove. We strive to serve healthy and delicious home-cooked meals made with whole foods and local ingredients. Our camp cooks are responsible for cooking either breakfast, lunch or dinner meals for up to 120 each day! This means a lot of hungry campers and staff to care for. Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove’s kitchen staff work closely with local gardeners, farmers and the camp director to ensure the dietary needs of everyone at camp are met. Cooks work together with the camp director in ordering food, creating schedules, and making sure the kitchen is kept at Maine State health code and American Camp Association Standards. An individual can opt to cook up to 2 meals per day. Rustic housing is available.

1. Prepare and cook healthy meals/snacks for the summer camp, using whole foods and fresh produce
2. Safely operate commercial cooking equipment: mixer, slicer, dishwasher and stoves; know when machines and knives need repair and specialized cleaning
3. Oversee and assist camp staff, and sometimes campers, in safe food preparation, serving, and clean up 4. Model and train camp staff in safe and efficient ways of working in a commercial kitchen
5. Maintain a clean and sanitary kitchen facility in compliance with American Camp Association (ACA), University of Maine Safety and Environmental Management (SEM), and State of Maine standards and regulations
6. Work with all cooks in menu planning, food ordering, and preparing meals
7. Utilize produce from the camp’s garden and local growers
8. Pack up of food after each meal and help clean kitchen so it is ready for the next meal to begin

Apply by: July 5 2015


Camp/Organization: UMaine 4-H Center at Tanglewood (ACA Accredited)

Location: Lincolnville, ME

Type of Position: Kitchen Staff

Time Frame: Seasonal

Salary: $12.10/hour



  • Prior experience cooking nutritious and wholesome foods for large groups in a commercial kitchen 
  • High safety and sanitation standards, current ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certification
  • Attention to detail 
  • Ability to work a demanding schedule 
  • Flexible, team player 
  • Training and/or experience in sanitation, food preparation and protection, hygiene, and record keeping 
  • Complete health screening and appropriate background checks

Additional Information

June 7-August 15, 2015 (10 weeks) Breakfast Shift o Compensation: $12.10/hour, plus room and board (optional) o Work Schedule: Mon. –Fri. 5-9AM, approximately 20 hrs per week plus one to two weekends of work Lunch Shift o Compensation: $12.10/hour, plus room and board (optional) o Work Schedule: Mon. –Fri. 9-2PM, approximately 25 hrs per week plus one to two weekends of work Dinner Shift o Compensation: $12.10/hour, plus room and board (optional) o Work Schedule Dinner: Sun-Thurs. 3-8PM, approximately 25 hrs per week plus one to two weekends of work Additional weeks of work available through August 28, 2015, covering all three meals and snacks.


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Jessica Decke

1 Tanglewood Road
Lincolnville, Maine 04849