Designed for counselors, staff, and instructors at day camps, resident camps, and outdoor education centers, new or experienced, who will lead or teach: Natural history / Environmental awareness / Nature field trips

The clinic offers practical instruction and curriculum materials focused on:

  • Teaching techniques
  •  Lesson planning 
  • Use of local resources 
  • Field trip experiences 
  • Exploration/observation skills 
  • Experiential learning 
  • Availability and use of reference materials 
  • Starting/maintaining a Nature Center 

Following the clinic, participants will be prepared to teach:

  • Single-session lessons 
  • Day-long lessons 
  • Week-long courses 
  • Summer-long experiences 
  • Nature experiences for large groups 

Clinic field trips include:

  • Ponds, streams, and swamps 
  • Forests Nocturnal animal observation 
  • Geological features, rocks and minerals 

Our goal is to facilitate better programming and instruction in a wide variety of camp and outdoor situations and settings. The Clinic is designed to meet the specific needs of the participants.

All necessary material and equipment is provided at no extra charge, including a 200-page reference book and CD containing lesson plans, bibliographies, sample display labels, recipes for wild foods,
lists of resources, and much more.

Event Organizer/Sponsor: Camp Pemigewassett

When: June 12, 2016 from Noon Sunday - 4pm Friday (RSVP required)

Where: Camp Pemigewassett

50 Camp Pemigewassett Rd
Wentworth, New Hampshire 03282

Cost: $385 with a $50 deposit


Registration Information

Visit website to print the simplified version of the Nature Clinic Brochure, which includes a registration form. Complete the form and return by June 1 to the address provided, along with your $50 deposit.


R. Laurence Davis
203. 932.7108