Utilizing core Adventure concepts, participants will:

  • Learn Standard Operating Procedures for traversing and ascending high elements, including Climbing Wall/Tower faces.
  • Learn how to tie the figure 8 follow-through, figure 8 on-a-bight, double figure 8 and Killick hitch. 
  • Learn the BUS belay method. 
  • Learn when participant belays (Australian Belay, TEAM belay, individual) might be appropriate, and how to manage these belays.*
  • Learn how to set up and take down elements properly. Care for Challenge Course equipment. 
  • Learn how to incorporate various types of groups into a High Element experience.

Event Organizer/Sponsor: Project Adventure

When: June 21, 2017 from 8:30AM-5:00PM (RSVP required)

Where: Project Adventure

719 Cabot Street
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915

Cost: $365.00


Registration Information

  • For this session, participants must bring their camp/organizations’ harnesses, belay device(s) and helmets in order to be trained on equipment they will be using. These must be less than 10 years old and pass a visual inspection.
  • Upon registration, applicants will be sent a questionnaire to complete with more information about their camp program. 
  • Cost includes lunch


Keri Hinchion