ACA New England held the country’s first-ever regional Virtual Camp Fair on February 8th and 9th in the midst of some serious snow storms in nearly all six New England states. Virtual camp fairs—where the public can interact with camp representatives on specific dates and at certain times—are a new concept. We hosted this online camp fair to meet families where they are searching for camp—online. Hosting an online camp fair also provided a way to create visibility for ACA Accredited camps in New England and for ACA New England’s camp seeking resources for families.

The virtual booths are still live on the Summer Camp Live platform AND on the ACA New England website. Are you wondering, “What IS a virtual booth?” A picture really is worth a thousand words. See the virtual booths of participating camps spotlighted here on the Summer Camp Live website.

Promoting and publicizing the camp fair raised our visibility and that of ACA Accredited camps in New England. A combination of traditional public relations, online calendar listings, social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, paid Facebook and other advertising, and pay per click advertising were successful. Analytics show that nearly a thousand camp seekers traveled from the following locations to explore camp options in New England:

  • 87.46% from United States
  • 5.3% from UK
  • 1.12% from Canada
  • The remainder were from 25 other countries including China, India, and Israel.

Traffic to the ACA New England homepage doubled during the virtual camp fair, while traffic to our website in general increased by 60% overall. We can definitely say that our Virtual Camp Fair raised visibility.

On February 8th and 9th, despite promotional efforts that successfully brought traffic to the camp fair URL and to the ACA New England website, individual camps’ virtual booths did not have enough camp seekers. Too few leads were generated for individual camps. To provide some additional exposure until the end of February, participating camps will be featured on the Summer Camp Live platform. They’ll also be linked from our website until the end of camp fair season in March.

For additional information about our Virtual Camp Fair please contact Lucy Norvell. For additional information about Summer Camp Live, contact Vicky di Colloredo-Mels.