A Blog for Camp Families

s'moreSummer camp offers some of childhood’s most defining experiences and moments. Just ask the children and teens who get to go!  Since summer camp came into existence—a century and a half ago here in New England—camps have worked in partnership with families and schools to help raise and educate young people.  How that happens varies tremendously from child to child and from camp to camp, especially since the definition of camp has expanded since the 1860’s.  Campers come to New England camps each summer from around the corner, the region, the country, and around the world!  Camp—such a small, simple word—means different things to different people.  That’s why we’re here, why the American Camp Association, New England supports the professionals and staff members who pursue camp excellence and we support the families who are in search of the right camp and the most reliable camp advice. 

Summer camp information and resources have become widely available online. We’re all buried in information and struggling to find the most valuable content.  It’s our job to sort through it!  With ACA New England’s rich history and our regional overview, our expertise on New England summer camps is unparalleled.  We’ve decided to share that expertise in a different way and to open up the conversation about camp with a blog especially for families and New England’s extended camp family.

S’more About Camp discusses trending camp topics for families, whether your child is a first time camper or one with several season’s experience. While most of the posts will be directed to adults, many will be designed to share with campers too. The posts will be written by various experts inside and outside New England’s summer camp world and many will link to additional resource content on our website. Please drop us a message and tell us what you want to read. Contact S’more About Camp at Follow us and all the timely New England camp coverage on Twitter (@ACANewEngland) and Facebook.