We know it takes a village to raise a child, and each year we come together as a village of camp professionals to prepare for the summer ahead. Much like our children come to camp from all over the region to learn, grow and make new friends, we do the same here at the ACA New England Annual Conference. Furthering our education around camping is our way of investing in the future of our programs, as families are investing in the futures of their children by giving them the gift of camp.

Top 5 Reasons We Love the ACA New England Conference:

  1. The Expertise: We learn from the most respected experts in the fields of child development, workforce development, risk assessment and more. We hone our skills in everything from experiential education, to helping kids with ADHD, to enhancing the value of play.
  2. The Vibe: Walking into the Radisson in Manchester, NH you are suddenly standing in a sea of backpacks and flannel, smiling and welcoming faces, and the sound of Bean boots shuffling off to their next workshop session. It looks like camp, it feels like home.
  3. The Singing: Yes, about 250 of us belting out Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” with music blaring in the middle of a keynote address. That happened.
  4. The Team: The sheer breadth of experience and knowledge of our colleagues without a territorial bone in our bodies, open sharing and leaning on each other to make every camp the best camp in the region.
  5. The Pep Rally: Let’s face it; there is no enthusiasm quite like CAMP enthusiasm.

We want to thank all of our camp families for being a partner in this larger community of people so invested in youth development at camps. We are honored to be a part of your village. 



This guest post was written by Maggie Magner, Director of Summer Fenn Day Camp in Concord, MA (ACA Accredited), and the camp pros who attended her recent conference session on blogging.