Finding a camp for your child is like finding the right school, and later choosing the right college - compelling research shows it can have a huge, proven impact on their social and emotional development. Not only should the right camp teach the skills and hobbies your child is interested in (i.e. horseback riding, computer programming, or sailing), but the culture and community of a camp must also fit in order to build the foundation for the life-long friendships and lasting positive memories we associate with summer camp. With 400+ ACA Accredited camps in New England, it can be difficult to know where to even start. 

As spring begins to show its sorely-missed face, regional news media is covering important aspects of the summer camp search process. Within these articles are some key questions to ask yourself, your child, prospective camp directors, or a parent reference a camp provides when heading down the path of choosing a camp:

1. Day or Sleep Away?  This article from the Town Vibe Ridgefield tackles one of the most fundamental aspects of the decision: day camps versus overnight camps. There are numerous pros and cons of each, and many campers attend both day camps and overnight camp in the same summer. 

2. ACA Accredited, or not? The Eagle Tribune explores how with ACA Accreditation (which is voluntary), camps and ACA form a partnership that promote growth and fun in an environment committed to safety.

3. How do counselors and administrators set the tone of a camp? Two recently published articles, one in Youth Today and the other in VT Kidsponder how important careful and rigorous staffing practices are to a child's experience.  

Guess what? Finding a camp is fun! There's a camp out there for everyone, and we're here to help you find yours with varied resources like our Advice page, which answers common FAQ's about camp and selecting the right one. Under the "Finding Your Camp" tab on our website, you can also find the Online Guide to Summer Camp, a comprehensive pdf of every ACA Accredited day and overnight camp in New England. Our site also links to the ACA Find A Camp Tool, where you can input specific search criteria and view which camps fit you and your child's needs. Finally, you can check out the many upcoming camp Open Houses on the Public Events Calendar. Good luck!