With the promise of camp lurking just beyond the spring blossoms, everyone is starting to get excited. The long school year is almost at its end, and camp friends spread around the world have only to wait two more months before being reunited. Often, camp friendships are a child's first experience with long distance relationships. The close-knit communities that camps build, coupled with ten months apart, inspires fierce bonds of friendship that conquer time and distance.

Camp friends are friends for life. And sometimes, the children of camp friends even go to camp with each other—as in this family. On Wednesday, blogger Lindsey Mead published the following post on her blog, A Design So Vast

Last weekend, Grace’s best friend from camp came to visit.  This friend is the daughter of my best friend from camp.  The sheer fact of this, and the way I kept seeing my friend’s face in her daughter’s, made me dizzy several times this weekend.  Talk about vertigo: then, now, us, them, summer, the ocean, winter, tears, girls, women … it all blended together in a meteor shower of memory.  Grace is still crying about her friend having left.  Only two months until camp, I keep telling her.