Camp Fair Season has arrived in New England!  Starting this weekend and continuing through mid-March, families can find camp fairs in a variety of New England locations.  Don't miss the chance to go if there's a camp fair happening near you. And, if there's one happening only a short distance away, it will be worth the trip. Why? Because you can meet and talk with camp representatives at camp fairs--and this is an excellent way to get a sense of a camp's culture and its unique personality!  Visiting with the exhibitors at a camp fair can be very informative if your family's camp search is just beginning and you need to get a sense of what's out there or if you're asking that very important question: What IS camp all about? For those who are mid-search, camp fairs are a great way to identify and explore different options that might fulfill your search criteria; you just might find the camp that becomes your camp! If you're deciding between two or three finalist options and one or more of them will be represented at the camp fair, jump at the chance to talk with a camp rep in person! It may really help with your final decision.  Check out our pointers for attending a camp fair and our Public Calendar, where you can access a 2013 camp fair list.

The best summer camp experiences begin with finding the right match between a child's current needs and interests and a camp's philosophy and program.  No two children are the same.  No two camps are exactly alike either--even ones with similar activities, approach, and appearance. (Even ones that are owned and operated by the same individual, family or nonprofit organization.)  Follow these steps to help you make the most well-informed camp decision.  Note that attending a camp fair is part of the advice!  Finding a camp is fun! There's a camp out there for everyone, and we're here to help you find yours!