Parents and guardians tell us they expect summer camps to offer fun and learning in a safe environment.  And, that’s our expertise!  Camps and ACA form a partnership that promotes growth and fun in an environment committed to safety.

A commitment to safety is a complex undertaking to say the least. Camps agree to abide by ACA  standards when they become ACA Accredited. While some of the camp safety infrastructure can be invisible to campers and families, there’s so much to appreciate about camps’ commitment and about the hard work that happens at camp before the children even arrive.

Right now, all over New England, summer camp personnel are engaged in pre-camp/pre-season training at all types of camp: day, overnight, general, specialty, small, large, nonprofit, independent, family run, agency owned, and religiously-affiliated. Some training sessions have just begun while others are wrapping up and still others will commence later in the summer.

Folks who have been hired with specific skills and credentials are being provided with even more—particularly in the areas of safety, risk management, and camp-specific policies and procedures. We hope you’ll enjoy these photos of a few pre-camp training events region-wide. Pre-camp training is the ultimate way for camp employees to ramp up for camp, to bond as a team, and to prepare for the best moments of the summer—when the campers arrive!