Range Rover
Weekend Getaway

Thanks to Jaguar/Land Rover Norwood you can have the chance to bid on a weekend getaway in this stunning 2014 Range Rover Sport. Pick up the Range Rover Sport on a Friday and bring it back Monday morning. Travel as many as 500 miles. Spend your weekend traveling in luxury, see the sights and ride like a celebrity!

The 2014 Range Rover Sport is here and is completely redesigned! With a new aluminum frame saving 800 pounds, new drivetrain options, a new "quickshift" transmission, and a gorgeous wood and leather wrapped interior... it is now unmistakably a Range Rover. The vehicle for the future...and the present, has arrived, and is an experience beyond any other. Don't miss your chance to get behind the wheel!

So bid now and take to the open road!

This week's sneak peek is available in our online auction and will move to a bid sheet at our event taking place at Fenway on November 22! Our online auction is open, visit the auction site to place your bids!!