1. You have the most camp options now. Before long, some camps will be full with waiting lists and some of your options will disappear.
  2. It's financially prudent. This is the time of the year when there are the most incentives for families! Take advantage of early bird discounts, which can really add up. Sibling discounts may be available too.
  3. Choose now! Enroll if possible. Think of how organized you'll feel in the spring when most parents are engaged in the "Spring sign-up scramble" that ensues right before school's out. By then, you'll have chosen a camp. Even if you cannot sign up yet (since some camps open enrollment later in the fall, winter or early spring) you can still choose now and be ready for registration to open!
  4. Maximize the time your entire family has to look forward to summer camp. There's so much to discuss! With gear to gather and the important emotional work of preparing a child to be away for a day or a series of overnights, Summer 2014 is going to be here before you know it...
  5. The power of the camp/school connection is so apparent as campers transition back to being students. Now that children are entering the new routines and facing the challenges of a new school year, it's clear how valuable camp experiences were! Being a camper sets a student up for success in many ways.

Check out ACA New England's tips for finding a best-fit camp for your child! (Scroll down for questions to ask a camp director.)

Start here in New England, the birthplace of summer camp! (The first camp began in CT a century and a half ago.) You can search for a camp in CT, MA ME, NH, RI or VT in ACA's online camp search tool, Find a Camp.

Look for the most important logo a summer camp can show, the ACA Accredited Camp logo!