Using the Find A Camp Tool

find a camp

There are several ways to find your camp in ACA’s online Find A Camp search tool: by using your family’s most important criteria (Advanced Search), by location, and by camp name—to list the most popular. Even though you have wisely narrowed your search to the New England region, where  summer camp began 150 years ago, there are nearly 400 ACA Accredited camps to choose from today! ACA New England’s camp search advice is designed to be a companion to search results from Find A Camp; access it here at any point before, during, or after your online search.

ACA’s brand new Find A Camp tool is nearing completion! Until its much-anticipated release, here are the recommended ways of using the current version of Find A Camp to yield your best day and resident camp results in the six New England states: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI & VT:

Advanced Search allows users to enter specific camp search criteria; and it yields a results page containing brief summer camp profiles and links to specific ACA Accredited camp websites. Click on a specific state or choose two or more New England states by holding down the CTRL key (open-apple on a Mac). Narrow down your search by selecting additional parameters. Click on the name of each search parameter for more information on what the term means and how choosing items in that box will influence your search results. It’s easy to select more than one activity, price range, or other search parameter (by holding down the CTRL key or open-apple on a Mac). We encourage keeping the search broad at first by entering only three or fewer criteria. Please note that if you get no results, your search may have been too narrow.

A location search allows searching by zip code or by state. This type of search is especially useful for day camp searches.  The results page will contain brief summer camp profiles and links to specific camp websites.

It’s also possible to search Find A Camp by camp name (or partial name). People get camp recommendations from friends, relatives and acquaintances. This is a great way to look up a camp you know about through word of mouth advertising! It’s also an excellent way to make sure that a camp you’re considering is ACA Accredited.