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Our vision is a society that values the camp experience as an essential component of human development. There's a camp out there for everyone and we're here to help you find yours! Want to stay up to date with all things summer camp in New England? Read our blog for families, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our Public Events Calendar to see what's happening! 

Why Summer Camp?

Summer camp is not just like what you’ve seen in the movies. (In fact, it’s probably not at all like what you’ve seen in the movies.)  “Camp” is defined differently by groups ranging from regulatory bodies to parents and guardians to campers themselves.  ACA New England sees summer camp as a sustained experience which provides a creative, recreational, and educational group living opportunity in the out-of-doors. Trained leaders and a natural setting both contribute to each camper’s mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth.  Camp is where children can try new things without fear of being laughed at, where they can learn independence and responsibility, where they can build resilience, where they can play and learn among children from all over the country and world and from all backgrounds and experiences, and where they can enjoy both unstructured and unscheduled time. 

Camp is an incredibly powerful experience, but these New England campers say that better than we ever could!  

We Love Camp! from ACA New England on Vimeo.

What Can a Summer Camp Provide?

ACA Accredited camps in New England offer a huge range of activities, opportunities, and settings. Summer camp experiences provide:

  • Healthy, developmentally-appropriate activities and learning experiences
  • Discovery through experiential education
  • Caring, competent role models
  • Service to the community and the environment
  • Opportunities for leadership and personal growth

Beyond these important benefits, your child has much to gain from time spent at summer camp: independence and resilience; new skills, experiences, and friends; advancement of current skills—in sports or on a musical instrument, for example; and time in the out-of-doors—an “unplugged” experience away from video games, television, and Facebook. 

At ACA New England we believe every child deserves to benefit from the powerful experience we call camp! The annual Camp Champions Celebration is a chance for supporters of ACA New England to celebrate the true spirit of camp and to raise funds that help bring the summer camp experience to the region's children in need.  100% of net proceeds benefit ACA New England's Campership Fund. For more information on the annual celebration and the Campership Fund, please visit the Camp Champions section of our website. 

Looking for a Summer Camp? 

You've come to the right place.  We will help guide you through the process of searching for a great summer camp for your child or your family.  Today, there are more summer camps and more camp professionals in New England than in any other region.  Four hundred plus ACA Accredited summer camps are nestled among the lakes, forests, beaches, and mountains of CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, and VT.

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