This is a 4-day workshop taking place June 10-13, 2019, from 8:30-5:00 each day. This workshop is the premier technical workshop in the field created to update the advanced practitioner or build the skills of the intermediate technical participant. It is an opportunity to fine-tune one’s critical skills and practice the rescue of people. An ideal opportunity to learn and practice the skills and knowledge needed before taking the Practitioner Certification Level 2 exam. Participants will: - Gain an in-depth understanding of the risk management impacts of PA’s core foundational concepts (e.g., Challenge by Choice, Full Value Contract, GRABBSS) and learn leadership skills necessary to supervise a challenge course program. - Be introduced to a variety of PA elements and equipment and review current challenge course industry norms and standards including state regulations, and Association for Challenge Course (ACCT) standards. - Review the applications, storage, cleaning and retirement for a variety of equipment including harnesses, helmets, carabiners and other connectors, belay devices, ropes, self-belay lanyards and belay set-ups (pulleys, SRDs). - Tie and utilize a variety of knots (foundational, intermediate and advanced) used in various applications on the challenge course. - Be able to demonstrate proficiency with multiple belaying techniques and be able to instruct and supervise others in the correct use of these techniques. - Show a working knowledge of challenge course structural components (e.g., bolts, cable, and rapid links) and knowledge of in-house inspection of your challenge course. - Learn and practice high element course rescue techniques including belay escapes, assisted hoists and cutaway rescues.

Event Organizer/Sponsor: Project Adventure

When: June 10, 2019 from 08:30 am (RSVP required)

Where: Project Adventure

719 Cabot Street
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915

Cost: 755.00


Registration Information

Registration and payment via credit card can be done online. We also accept Purchase Orders and payments via check. Please email our registrar, Keri Hinchion, at for more information.


Keri Hinchion