Thursday: 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM

You are Cordially Invited to The Ultimate Alumni Gathering!, Kim Aycock
Has it been a long time since you connected with your Alumni? Have a milestone year to celebrate and not sure where to begin?  This session will offer compelling evidence to reach out to alumni as they may be “lost” customers.  A template will be provided that takes into account time of year, resources, and logistics to create the ultimate alumni experience and keeps them thinking about YOUR camp. Leave with a process that gives recommitted alumni the freedom to market camp on your behalf!

SUPERB SUPERVISION: The Powerful Things Supervisors Should Do Every Day to Lead to Camp Success, Michael Brandwein
The fastest way to produce the highest quality camp is to provide outstanding training for the heart of camp—the supervisory leadership team. Michael demonstrates and provides take home materials to teach these key people exactly what to do and say every day to boost program success, motivate and coach staff to their best performance, handle challenges, and lead the way to your most superb season ever.

Practical Ideas to Make Your Staff Orientation Exceptional, Roz Buck 
What are you trying to communicate to your Staff in those few precious, teachable moments that you have with them before the campers arrive? We will discuss how to focus your Staff Orientation on the messages you need to convey to your Staff. We will introduce, play and effectively debrief activities that will add intentionality to your Staff Orientation. You will leave this session with practical strategies to use and specific ideas to implement to make your Staff Orientation exceptional!

Should They Stay or Should The Go?, Emily Golinsky
The answer to this question shouldn’t be “I don’t know!” It’s highly probable that you will be in the position of considering a camper dismissal from your program this summer. There are so many factors that play into this tough issue – parent/guardian expectations and frustrations, morale (or maybe even safety) of staff and other campers, effect on future summer return rates, what steps to take and when…it might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Walk away from this session with a comprehensive plan which addresses proactive as well as responsive steps to successfully handling this reality of staff management in a way that supports and protects your camp, campers, families, and staff.

Stop Herding Cats, Michael Jacobus
Does your staff start to wane half way through the summer? Do they seem to lose interest and mentally check-out? Did they start strong and now they act like they’ve lost interest because is the same song, day after day? It can be as bad camper homesickness and spreads just as fast. This session will examine root causes for this phenomenon and what can be done about it, both preemptively and in-the-moment.

Mission: It's Much More Than Nice Words on a Poster!, Marijean Legnard-Parry
What if your mission, values and goals were truly the intentional foundation and compass for all of your decision-making, action, conflict resolution, recruitment and retention? Most camps can point to their mission, values and goals - but are we really using them every day to create the best experience for children and adults? This hands-on workshop will include ways for you to evaluate your own program and provide strategies to help your counselors and campers move your mission, values and goals from nice words… to the way of being and working at camp.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly — The Power of the Customer Experience, Ian Moorhouse
Have you ever ordered a coffee at a drive-through, driven away, taken a sip and it's gross? You will probably not turn around, but you will think twice about going back. First impressions matter, but the overall experience is critical! In this session you will learn how to incorporate what international companies are doing into your camp experience.

So you want to start a camp, Garrett Colgan-Snyder
Camping for most people isn’t just a job…you love it!  Those of us who’ve devoted our life to camping consider it not a profession but a vocation. This session is for anyone who wants to start a camp...or has considered starting a camp…or had a passing thought about starting a camp…or even think, as you read this, that starting a camp is an interesting idea. Come talk about it. Bring your crazy ideas and your pipe-dreams. Bring an idea about a totally different camp concept or a better way to do a more traditional camp model. Join us to learn about the pitfalls and highpoints of working to make your vision for camp a reality.

The Plurals: Reframing Interviewing, Training and Supervision, Donna Johns-Thomas
The post-Millennial Generation, The Plurals, are people born after 1995-ish. In other words, they comprise most of our main-line staff and camper population. This unique new generation brings a new outlook on the world and very different views of authority, learning, communication, and nurturing. As workplace managers, we need to look at new ways to guide, support, and understand this group. Walk away with practical ideas for more effective relationships with your Plural Staff.