Saturday: 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

The Psychology of Teamplay, Jim Cain 
Jim Cain shares his favorite collection of group activities that are not only fun, but build valuable life skills, connection, trust, character, leadership, teamwork and more.

Feathered Friends, Becky Gilles
“Birding” or bird watching is the fastest growing recreational sport in America, and children are a big part of this movement because they are easily fascinated by birds; birding helps to connect kids to nature. Summer camps provide ideal locations for campers to observe birds, capture their interest and build respect for nature.  This workshop will teach you how to get started with bird watching areas at your camp, learn birding basics, how to train staff and what equipment is needed to begin a bird watching program. 

Ten Dollar Time-Out, Emily Golinsky
Fact of life: kids don’t like lectures. But when campers need to take a few minutes away from the group to reconsider their choices…five times a day…how can we be proactive and prevent the 6th “time out?” Hint: it isn’t just by talking to (at?) them! Come learn a new way to look at “consequences” and 20+ takeaway techniques – like the Think/Say, Pick-A-Piece, Stomp Out, Circle of Control and others – that will minimize most of the time-outs and turn the few left into teachable moments. We’ll use basic materials you already have in the craft shack, kitchen and office, spending less than $10 to change your behavior perspective! Your campers will thank you! (Back again in 2017 following its success last year, this session is designed for front-line staff and anyone who is responsible for training staff to positively and successfully manage challenging camper behaviors.)

Transitioning from Coworker to Supervisor: Success as a Young Camp Leader, Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
Oftentimes, great camp counselors quickly move into leadership roles at camp and supervise people who are also some of their closest friends. Sarah Kurtz McKinnon speaks from experience at this session (having become the director of YMCA Camp Al-­Gon-­Quian at the tender age of 23) and discusses some of the common pitfalls but also tried-­and-­true techniques to make camp friendships an important part of your success as a supervisor, while still respecting boundaries.

Nature for the Un-Naturalist, Marijean Legnard-Parry & Kathleen Stowell
You don’t have to be a Naturalist or have a Nature Center to lead fun and educational nature activities at camp! Come and participate in lots of hands-on activities that will help you and your campers become more aware and excited about the environment. You’ll learn activities that can be done on the trail, in the field, at the lake, or even in those few minutes waiting for lunch. A “Show and Tell” of low-or no-cost props and equipment will be included.

You Have Got to See This! New Ideas to See How Other Camps Facilitate Camp, Steve Maguire
 As most camp professionals can appreciate, it is tough to ever find time to leave your own camp during the summer. In the summer of 2016 Steve worked with 20 different summer camps and organizations all over the United States. This session is dedicated to the very best of the best that Steve saw last summer. From awesome customer service ideas; to branding; to programming ideas and everything in between. Come see how other camps and organizations approach camp and learn some ways that you can implement these ideas to improve your camp and get better at the business of camps.   

Supporting Transgender Campers, Alex Myers
With increasing frequency, children are articulating and expressing non-binary gender identities at young ages. How should camps respond? What preparation - from policy to facilities - can a camp put in place in order to be a welcoming community? This session begins with an explanation of what gender is - how it operates in society, how people (children in particular) express gender - and continues to consider more specific scenarios that might emerge at a camp.

Turn that Frown Upside Down: Keeping Campers & Staff Busy and Happy During Undesired Weather, Cheryl Oliveira
During this session attendees will have the opportunity to learn different creative activities to keep campers busy and smiling during what may seem like bad weather at camp. Just because it rains does not mean that camp stops. Can you keep campers entertained with few supplies ? What if it rains for two days in a row?! Come and receive great ideas for keeping your group happy and entertained.

Three steps of evaluating your staff, Ian Moorhouse
We all know that evaluating our employees is a task that can be tedious, time consuming and ineffective. During this session, you will learn an easy 3-step process that engages everyone involved, sets expectations and develops attainable goals. This tool turns a mundane task in to a meaningful experience for both the supervisor and employee.

Wilderness Tripping Roundtable, Chris Wentworth
Bring your challenges, questions and ideas to this open forum on the current state of wilderness tripping in New England. We will cover government regulations, transportation, health and food issues, best practices and risk management. 

Risk Management for Aquatic Leadership Staff, Bailey Dailey
Are you supplying aquatic staff with the knowledge and tools they needed to be successful in risk management? Being in the aquatic world I don’t have to tell you that it can be one of the most complex areas in your camp.  Learn about the steps you can take as a leadership staff member to provide staff with the knowledge, tools and training they need to be able to evaluate risk, and handle risk management. From training waterfront staff to executing Emergency Action Plans, to evaluating and stopping possible risky behaviors. Is isn’t about telling staff how to handle risk management, it about teaching them to use the knowledge and tools they have.