Saturday: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Making Down Time Fun at Camp, Jed and Roz Buck 
How do you make every minute of the camp day a unique & special part of the experience? We will explore the different times in the camp day when staff can easily transition down-time into fun-time using creative games, activities, songs, dances and more. Come play with us during this exciting & interactive session...then bring the fun back to your Camp to help make the summer of 2017 exceptional. 

Games That Change the World, Jim Cain
Based on the content of the Teamwork & Teamplay International Edition (with 16 language translations in the same book. This workshop features Jim’s favorite, newest and best team and community building activities from around the world.

Hop, Skip & Move, Becky Gilles and Rich Borgatti
Space for 40 participants only. First come basis. Don't be late!

Children build significant relationships with nature by exploring and playing; camp is an ideal place to allow children to safely jump, crawl and hop among rocks, trees, stumps and through fields. Drumlin Farm Camp introduced to staff and campers the MovNat concept, a guiding principle to teach them how to be safe outdoors and to physically move like animals. This workshop will explore the benefits of nature play, the MovNat concept, and why Mass Audubon campers are encouraged to explore the outdoors on their own terms. Wear comfortable clothing and be ready to move!

Think Like a Parent, Michael Jacobus
Who is your customer? Many say it's the camper who has a wonderful time at camp and wants to come back. The happy camper is actually the result of a successful SALE to the real customer ... the Camp Parent. Who signs-up the camper, who compares camps and makes the final decision, and most importantly, who writes the check to send their child to camp? This session will focus on how you deliver your message to your customer and how to attract NEW customers; aka PARENTS. Communication strategies and often overlooked loopholes will also be discussed.

Leveraging Strengths: A New Approach to Positive Camp Leadership, Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
Camp evaluations and coaching oftentimes focus on staff members’ weaknesses. We challenge a quieter counselor to perform a campfire skit, or tell a scatterbrained activity area head that she needs to get more organized. However, a much more effective approach is guiding our staff members to leverage their strengths. This workshop will show you a different approach to staff where the positive results are exponential!

Creating a Middle Seat Culture: How to Create a Staff Culture of Selflessness, Caring, and Empathy, Steve Maguire
Picture this scene…You are sitting on the airplane preparing for taking off. The plane is almost full. You are sitting in either the window seat or the aisle seat and middle seat is open between you and row companion. People are walking toward you because most of the middle seats toward the front are taken already. A person approaches you and eyes the middle seat and your row and you respond…???? That’s what this session is all about! Better yet, how would/does you and your staff members respond as this person is eyeing the middle seat? How do we create staff members that would gladly say “Please come sit here.” Or better yet “I’ll take the middle seat if you want me to” This session will give you some tangible takeaway ideas for you and your staff to help cultivate a culture that helps us create awareness of others, empathy for kids and multiple opportunities  for positive organization health within camp.  

Creating an Intentional and Innovative Camp Aquatics & Waterfront Program, Joshua Scott
This session will detail how to create a safe, intentional, & innovative waterfront/aquatics program. Topics will include ideas how to enhance developmental assets, new ideas to make aquatics/waterfront fun, while keeping  it safe, how to create intentional swim lessons, an overview of national aquatic training courses, a waterfront CIT program, ideas on how reduce your operating costs while providing a great program, and  national aquatic safety best practices.

Helping Teens Understand the Value of Leadership, Lori Hoffner
Leadership begins with personal insight, a movement toward and a commitment to continuous improvement of yourself. If your organization has teens in leadership roles through employment or advisory boards, Lori will guide participants to create teen leadership training inspiring teamwork, productivity and positive communication. Participants will be able to demonstrate how teen leadership thrives when young people knows who they are, who the adults are supporting them and how to embrace what they stand for.

Engaging Campers in Leave No Trace: Games and Activities, Andrew Leary
Engaging campers in Leave No Trace goes well beyond memorizing the seven principles! Come learn about games, experiential activities, and initiatives that get campers (and adults) actively thinking about outdoor ethics and outdoor stewardship. This is an interactive session so come prepared to move and play. Attendees will walk away with a small tool box of new games and activities.

Training New Supervisors, Garrett Colgan-Snyder
Day camp, overnight camp, some other type of camp? It doesn’t matter…if you are working with young staff you’ve got New Supervisors. Whether it’s a first time primary level supervisor managing a couple of junior staff in a direct service situation or a newly minted assistant director they all need training. You’ve chosen them for all the right reasons; got them up to speed on camp policies, and now you’ve got to train them in the nitty gritty of camp leadership. The specifics of your program’s daily operation will determine the schedule of their interaction with, and supervision of, particular staff; it may occur daily or weekly, be informal or formal. Your mission and philosophy will inform the exact language they use. However the fundamentals of leadership in a new supervisory role in camping are universal. This session will explore five key areas of emphasis and help you start to build your own plan for supervisor training. 

Comprehensive Abuse Prevention: Ten Powerful Ways to Safeguard Campers and Staff, Chris Thurber
Prevent harm and avoid litigation with a sophisticated approach to camper-camper and staff-camper mistreatment. Reading your staff the riot act or a litany of symptoms does little to cultivate healthy relationships or promote a true understanding of reporting obligations. Only a customized, wrap-around approach to abuse prevention that includes parents, campers, and staff under the same respectful umbrella will bring you peace of mind. Remember, it’s not just preventing the bad, it’s also about promoting the good.