Friday: 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Fast & Effective Ways to Teach Responsibility and Problem-Solving Skills to Campers, Michael Brandwein
We see more and more “helicoptering,” so we say that we want our kids to “exercise” more responsibility themselves. In this session, Michael demonstrates exactly what those exercises are. While leading everyday activities, there are so many “invisible” opportunities to show campers how to solve their own problems with greater confidence and skill. You’ll learn how to teach staff to recognize these and use them right away to teach “problem-solving language.” Teach three steps in ten words that campers can use every day for the rest of their lives for ongoing improvement and the meeting of challenges. Best of all, you’ll get materials and activities that you can use during staff training to get staff to actually practice expert techniques to teach problem solving and responsibility. 

Top 10 Skills and Attributes of Great Camp Leaders, CT Camp Guys
Some of the most successful camp leaders have very similar skills and attributes that make them amazing leaders. This workshop examines the survey based research of hundreds and hundreds of the best camp leaders across the country and what has made them successful as leaders in the camping industry. We will take a deeper dive into the top skills and discuss how to train your staff to excel in these area. This workshop is a great introduction for new leaders that are eager to learn new skills as well as for veteran leaders that want to improve and take their leadership to the next level.

How to Fire a Friend, Michael Jacobus
Camp staff dynamics include friends who are now supervisors and multi-year relationships that carry-on far beyond camp. Terminating employment of a camp-friend is akin to kicking a family member out of the house. In addition to common best practices, this session will explore ways to make a very difficult situation a bit smoother, including how to identify challenges, documentation methods and ways to break-the-bad-news. Done properly, this can be an excellent growth opportunity for all involved.

Got Diversity - Now What?, Ingrid Tucker
Many organizations value diversity. But how do they define and support diversity within? Join us for an authentic conversation about how we can best identify and support staff and campers. 

Kids, Teens and Sex Today...What You Need to Know as a Camp Professional, Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
From hookup culture to the proliferation of internet pornography, today’s youth have a different orientation toward sex than just five or ten years ago. These realities impact how our campers view relationships, each other and reality. This session will help you better understand choices and pressures your campers (and staff face), and better-prepare you to help them learn and grow in a healthy way.

Here's Some Feedback: I Hate Feedback, Chris Thurber
Nobody wants to be told they didn’t do something well, especially when they gave it their best shot. But how can any camp professional improve without candid evaluation from supervisors, peers, and kids? Ok, but what about the times you know you did a great job and someone (some idiot?) simply sees the world differently? This advanced, interactive workshop takes Chris’s popular coaching criticism concept and puts it squarely in participants’ hands, using a wide range of realistic scenarios, geared especially for staff who must offer their fellow staff some beneficial feedback. Are you ready to lead, or will you leave that job for someone else?

Purpose Based Recognition; Recognizing, Rewarding and Retaining Staff, Lori Hoffner
By implementing a “Purposed Based Recognition” program you reduce turnover, gain buy-in of your organization by employees, and create an environment of support and enthusiasm. Lori will help identify goals and responsibilities of leadership for staff recognition that will retain your most important asset; your employees. 

Be Brave! — Themes in Girls' Camps, Whit Ryan
Come to this session for a practical approach to reaching staff and campers at girls' camps through specific themes. We all want our girl campers to emerge from our summer programs as stronger citizens, environmental stewards and emerging leaders with powerful voices. Come learn how to develop a meaningful theme to guide and to instruct staff and campers for the summer. We will use a concrete example from a successful camp summer as a jumping off point to explore effective themes for future summers. Come ready to share your ideas for important themes that will inspire colleagues, staff and campers, new and experienced. 

Leave No Trace for Staff: New Approaches to Maximize Training Opportunities, Andrew Leary 
This session examines new pedagogical approaches to Leave No Trace staff development that can impact and benefit camp programs. Empirical data from a 2016 pilot program, as well as the latest training standards from Leave No Trace, will provide a deeper context for our conversation. Learn about the recommendations from the professionals at the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and understand how your program can best use the new training resources in 2017. 

Training Leaders in Effective Communication, Amy Mosher Berry
Program directors and supervisors -- Join us for a fun and interactive hands-on, Train-the-Trainer-style workshop covering best practices and techniques for training your camp staff in effective workplace communication and leadership. We will incorporate real-life scenarios and engage in role-playing, discussions, reflection, and action-planning to powerfully kick-start your pre-camp season!