Friday: 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Masterful Methods for Terrific Training, Michael Brandwein
Take home creative, original, and engaging training activities and materials that you can plug into your existing training right away to make your 2017 training the best ever. These are fresh, focused, and fun ways to maximize attention, participation, retention, and motivation while teaching outstanding skills in camp leadership to both new and veteran staff. 

Brands Made for Camps, CT Camp Guys
“You’re in good hands” if you come to this workshop! Some of the most popular brands have focused their advertisements on selling their products. However, the CT Camp Guys have taken a closer look at some of the tag lines and messaging and extracted some lessons that are really made for the camping industry. “You can do it and we can help”…make your campers and staff have the best summer ever. We examine the double meanings in these mainstream brands that you may have missed. So “just do it” because this workshop is “made from some of the best stuff on earth”!

Boffing, Pooh-Sticks and Other Essential Lessons from Camp, Emily Golinsky
You’ve probably heard that it is possible to match the personalities of almost any person you know to one of the characters from Winnie-the-Pooh. But did you know that it’s also possible to glean a number of essential camp lessons from A.A. Milne’s timeless stories? Our brains love narrative structure; stories allow us to learn better, make connections more effectively, and retain information longer. What does Pooh-Sticks teach us about the power of imaginative play? How can Rabbit and Tigger’s argument about “boffing” (was it bouncing, or coughing?) create a framework for teaching conflict resolution skills? Join Emily for a social learning experience that will answer these questions and so many more. Plan to have some popcorn, watch some Winnie-the-Pooh, and put your brain to work in this highly interactive and engaging session. You’ll head back to camp ready to add a whole new kind of learning to your staff training!

Creating a Culture of Customer Service, Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
Camps that fill and wait list likely have a culture of customer service-­-­from front-­line registrars to cabin counselors and the camp leadership, everyone works to make clients’ lives easier and better. In this workshop, you will learn how "camp style" customer service not only will retain current campers but attract new ones.

Free Online Training Tools & How to Use Them for Staff Training, Sarah Leshay & Jess Woods
Struggling to fit everything into your pre-camp session? Do you want all staff to step onto camp with prior knowledge about how your camp runs? Are you looking for ways to hold staff accountable for reading materials? Do you need help collecting information from your staff? Bring your own device and check out the free online tools we've used to help our staff arrive at camp excited and ready to go. Take a look at how we've set up our online classroom for staff, learn about using Google forms, and spend some time experimenting on creating materials that work for your camp. Participants should bring a device that can get online with them to the session.

Director Roundtable, Mark Lipof 
The purpose of this session is for Camp Directors to get a chance to explore and share information on topics/issue that we all deal with on a regular basis. Staff salaries, Benefits, working with Millennials, special programming, administration, purchasing etc...This is an interactive session where topics of discussion will be chosen at the start of the session by those directors in the room. Session is open to all directors and any year-round assistant directors who would like to join the discussion.

Mind-Bending Conversations: Change Problem Behavior in a Single Talk, Chris Thurber
Tired of conversations that go nowhere? Motivating change in other people’s behavior requires something different than lectures and reprimands. Real breakthroughs require the transformative power of psychologists’ most helpful techniques. These include: illustrating self-contradictions, providing genuine empathy, offering menus of options, discovering distorted cognitions and motivating incremental change. Learn leadership and advising strategies that you can use and practice immediately.

Training for the Ages: Creating a Culture of Cooperation, Lori Hoffner 
 Do you ever find yourself shaking your head in wonderment with your younger employees? Are there times that you wish you could get your “traditionalist” staff on board with a new way of doing things? Many of the approaches that each person takes are deeply rooted in their generational experiences. This training will help everyone understand what those differences are and how we can support each other while also gaining insight on why we do what we do. Learn ways to blend the different generations into a cohesive and positive team as well as creating an environment of cooperation that meets the needs of your staff regardless of their age. You will identify ways to encourage support for the internal atmosphere that gets projected to the outside customers.

Making the "Health Talk" fun - teach your staff assessment techniques your nurse will love, Lauren Romanauskas
Fulfilling standard HW.4 can be one of the "unexciting" parts of staff week training. Learn how to jazz up your staff training with an experienced camp nurse. Teach your staff the "five senses" camper assessment technique. Discover exciting ways to practice emergency preparedness drills and hone staff triage skills. A well trained staff makes for happy nurses.

Proactive Strategies for Managing Emergency Situations at Camp, Beth Owen-Mishou and Zak Dominello
How would you respond to an intruder, aggressive parent or a camper demonstrating out of control behavior? We will share our intruder plan and present strategies we use to create a positive camp climate. Participants in this session will, review and discuss an intruder plan. Learn proactive strategies to create a positive camp climate, starting with staff. Learn strategies to manage behavior before it even starts and learn research based de-escalation strategies. Participants will also leave with strategies to teach/present these techniques staff, and develop a plan to respond to the question: What do you do in the 25+ minutes it takes for the police to arrive at your location?