Friday: 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Marketing Summer Camp All Year Long, Jine Andreoozi
Marketing for your summer programs happens all year long. It starts for the next summer on the day camp ends. As Camp professionals, we often have marketing as just one piece of our workload puzzle. How can you effectively promote your programs, without adding too much stress to your life? It’s all in the planning. Figuring out the most efficient ways to market, and when to market, will make your marketing plan efficient, successful and lasting. This session will focus on how to plan out your year of marketing and help you figure out the best channels and ways to keep summer camp front of mind, all year long! 

Yes Only Means Yes Until Something Better Comes Along, Kim Aycock
Staff sign a contract, then inform you the week before camp that they won’t be coming. Or staff commit to working the entire season only to tell (not ask!) you they are leaving for 6 days to attend a reunion. In today’s world, signing on the dotted line often means only a temporary commitment until something better comes along. What can we do to make camp the best offer? Let’s put our heads together to foster accountability this summer!

The New L.A.S.E.R.B.E.A.M.: How to Get Staff to Use Positive Communication to Teach Essential Life Skills to Campers, Michael Brandwein
To create positive behavior and develop great qualities, we want staff to be positive, providing specific, expertly phrased feedback about what we like and not just about what we don’t. This session shows us exactly how to train staff to do this — and how to do it ourselves. Show staff how to figure out what specific behaviors will build the kind of camp culture that we desire. Michael demonstrates his original, creative, and practical tools, techniques, and activities we can use immediately to grow the social, emotional, and other skills that campers need for lifelong success.

Exciting & Impactful Activities to Maximize Staff Orientation, Jed and Roz Buck
“To hear is to forget, to see is to remember, to do is to learn.” We will demonstrate a variety of activities that can be used throughout orientation to maximize staff learning and retention and create an exceptional staff orientation. From opening ice breakers to closing thought provokers and everything in between, we will cover a wide variety of activities to help improve the effectiveness of staff orientation.

A Summer Unplugged, CT Camp Guys
Decades of research confirms that summer learning loss is real. In addition, children are losing themselves in their on-line personas and they can no longer communicate comfortably face to face. Summer camp provides the ideal opportunity for children to curb summer learning loss and close the achievement gap by having them solve real life challenges in social situations; keeping their minds curious and engaged. Furthermore, camp encourages children to put down their phones and spend time making friends and building relationships. Children spending time together in nature, surrounded by caring youth development professionals creates a spirit of bonding and belonging. The glow of the cell phone screen cannot compare to the glow of the campfire…even the one that burns in their memory.  

XXX-Posed: Youth Development in the 21st Century, Chris Thurber
The world is no more or less violent or sexualized than it ever was, but young people’s exposure to this content is certainly greater than it ever was. Rape, racism, and murder are not a war away, they are a click away. The result is a cohort of campers who look sophisticated but feel vulnerable. Caring adults can and do set limits, such as drinking ages, ratings systems for movies and games, and even Internet filters. But ultimately, we need to be with children and teens as they emerge into adulthood. Learn how front-line staff can guide development by providing wise context to kids who don’t dare to admit they’re confused.

Research 360 Roundtable, Thayer Raines
Do camp experiences prepare campers and staff to persist and succeed by developing and transferring necessary skills, values, dispositions, and abilities leading to college/career readiness and lifelong learning; and, if so, what enables the development and transfer of these work and life skills for campers and staff? Come hear about the American Camp Association's 5-year National Research initiative designed to answer this question. Thayer Raines serves as the ACA New England Board representative to the ACA Research Advisory Group formed to oversee the research project being conducted by a team from the University of Utah. 

Homesickness at camp; how are we doing?, Danny Kerr
Working with homesick campers has always been a challenge at camp, but in the past few summers this issue seems to have taken on a whole new life. With smart phones, parents are always accessible during the school year. Run into a problem during your school day? Call mom or dad, they'll come fix it! At Camp Pemigewassett, we use a strategy called "Positive Counseling" that gives our counselors and staff thoughtful and helpful questions in working with homesick campers. What approach do you use at your camp? Let's talk about this issue, share ideas, stories, and strategies to give us all the best tools to manage the "homesickness challenge" at camp!

An Update on J-1 Visa Summer Work Travel and Camp Counselor programs, Tom Rosenberg 
Gain a better understanding of the J-1 Visa Camp Counselor  and Summer Work Travel cultural exchange programs. Learn best practices for hosting cultural exchange staff.  Receive an update on the review processes that both of these programs are in. 

21st Century Trip Planning, Chris Wentworth 
While a paper map and compass skills will always be necessary for safe backcountry travel, there are many web based options to assist with your trip planning. Come learn about using online resources for trip planning for your wilderness trip program. You will learn about trail conditions, custom mapping and weather forecasting options.