Our Guidebook app is live – download it to access all of the conference details, including handouts and evaluations; to make sure you get updates; and to build your own personalized schedule! If you already have Guidebook on your device from last year, just search for this year’s guide, 2020 New England Camp Conference. Or, if this will be your first time using it, check out these quick getting-started videos!

Don't be afraid to pause and rewind if the video is going too fast.

Guidebook Tutorial 1 - Setup & Communication

Let's look at how to install the 2020 New England Camp Conference Guide, create our profile, and the neat communication tools available!

Guidebook Tutorial 2 - Scheduling & Sessions

Now that you're all set up, it's time to build your schedule!

Guidebook Tutorial 3 - Exploring Other Tabs

Let's look more at the other tabs and features of the app!