MARCH 17, 2017 

The Goal of the ACA New England Campership Fund is to provide camperships to camps to financially assist children to attend a minimum of 2 weeks of summer camp. Based on the success of fundraising efforts, ACA New England was able to offer 207 camperships to New England children attending New England ACA Accredited camps in the summer of 2016. We look forward to again offering many children-in-need the opportunity to experience an ACA New England accredited camp in 2017.

Camps currently accredited through ACA New England may apply for camperships for their campers, camps are required to verify that campers meet financial and other eligibility requirements and to collect the required paperwork from campers/parents.



  • March 17, 2017  – DUE: Campership Request Forms
  • By end of April – ACA New England sends award notification emails (email will include Camp Participation Agreement, which must be signed and returned within 2 weeks of award notification)
  • September 15, 2017 – DUE: Invoice, Camper Application/Essay/Thank-You Note (for each camper)

(Information may also be downloaded from the FORMS section above) 

100% of the available funds will be distributed to ACA New England camps following these parameters:

The Camp must…

  • Have current ACA accreditation and be in good standing
  • Be an ACA New England camp: overnight or day, independent or non-profit
  • Participate financially in the funding of the child}
  • Complete the application process, including providing completed camp Participation Agreement, Camper Application form (which confirms camper’s eligibility), Why Camp is Important form, Thank You note and an Invoice on your camp’s letterhead for total the campership amount (only camps that submit all required materials by the deadlines will receive funds)
  • Participate in the publicity of the Fund

The Camper must…

  • Be from New England and be between the ages of 6 – 16.
  • Attend a minimum of 2 weeks of the camp.
  • Meet financial eligibility guidelines as established by the USDA Income Eligibility Food Lunch Program (verified by camp)
  • Camper’s family must participate financially in the funding of attending camp
  • Be enrolled in a state recognized education program (private, public or home schooled) (verified by camp)

ACA New England will…

  • Strive to have every New England state represented
  • Maintain ACA New England Campership Committee through fiscal cycle
  • Raise funds through grants, fundraising events and other means
  • Provide publicity and marketing through various resources
  • Provide administrative support including record keeping, monies distribution, providing evaluations and grant reports as needed
  • Send payment within six weeks of receiving completed information and billing.

A small percentage (10%) of the available Campership funding has been reserved for Emergency Funding purposes during the summer, to assist in unforeseen and timely situations. You are encouraged to reach out to ACA New England if one of these issues occurs during the summer or if you have questions regarding these special funds. Funds will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Campership Rates:
Day Camp: $275 for a 2-week session
Overnight Camp: $600 for a 2-week session

Questions?  Please feel free to contact Michelle at 781.541.6080 x10 or