A Swim-a-thon is an excellent way for camps to support Camp Champions and help ACA New England provide camperships to children in need...because camp is for everyone! Camp Champions gives children in need New England-wide the chance to attend ACA accredited day and overnight camps in CT, MA. ME, NH, RI & VT.

To make the Swim-a-thon as easy as possible, we've pulled together several resources for camps:


  • A how-to video: Click this link to download a video featuring Mark Toporoff of Camp Danbee, whose pioneering Swim-a-thon to benefit Camp Champions last summer raised more than $5,000. Thanks to their successful Swim-a-thon, Camp Danbee was a Home Run Sponsor of Camp Champions in 2014. Mark describes his administrative systems for Swim-a-thon success. With more than a decade of experience running Swim-a-thons, Mark's systems are worth a close look--especially the pledge cards (linked below). We are thrillled that our cause of providing camperships for children in need is now what the Camp Danbee swimmers  are swimming to support!
  • A  letter to share with families and friends of your camp, explaining why you hope to support Camp Champions with a Swim-a-thon! This can be sent to folks with a pledge card or included in other camp communication you might be sending.
  • Pledge cards to share with families and friends. Note that these are three to a page so they fit in a legal-sized envelope (Mark discusses this in the video.) Note that the link to our website where camp families can donate to Camp Champions is included on this pledge card. It's often easier to pay with a credit or debit card than a check. Those supporting our Swim-a-thon online will be asked what camp they are connected to so we can track the number of donations participating camps inspire!
  • To get campers all psyched for a Swim-a-thon, we know you'll want to rely on your camp's unique tried-and-true methods. Here's what every Swim-a-thon Supporter should know about Camp Champions and ACA New England.
  • The most wonderful part of our Swim-a-thon is the capacity campers will have to make the camp experience possible for other children—children who wouldn't otherwise have the chance to benefit from the fun and learning of camp. We are excited about spotlighting stories about your campers' philanthropic efforts this summer, so please be sure to let us know how your Swim-a-thon is going!
  • A thank-you that can be printed in any size from pretty small to poster-sized that makes it easy to thank your camp's Swim-a-thon supporters.

If you have questions or need further details, please contact Lucy Norvell, Director of Public Information, 781.541.6080 x14.