For ACA New England Accredited Camps

As an ACA Accredited camp, you have taken the time and effort to meet hundreds of very high standards.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain those standards and your ACA Accreditation status.

Statement of Compliance

To apply for and retain Accreditation, a representative from the camp must sign the Statement of Compliance annually.

Standards Updates

  • Be sure you are up to date on the revisions to the 2012 Accreditation Process Guide. There have been three updates to the Accreditation Process Guide after the original publication.  The most recent updates being released September 2014.  Check your guide to be sure you are up to date!  

January 2012 revisions to the 2012 standards.  

October 2012 revisions to the 2012 standards

September 2014 revisions to the 2014 standards

Updated PD.29.3

Preparing for Your Next Visit

  • We have pulled together everything you might need for your camp’s next standards visit.
  • View our visit resources for camps

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