Board and Commitees

Our board, composed of volunteers elected by our members, meets four times each year to discuss the strategic directions of ACA New England. They also work throughout the year on various committees, alongside some appointees. If you have some interest in getting involved in this important work, please send an email to Bette Bussel.

Board Members

Executive Committee

Shannon Donovan-Monti, President -
Betsy Kelder, Vice-President
Ian Moorhouse, Vice-President
Scott Lambeck, Vice-President
Terrie Campbell, Treasurer
Georgia Hall, Secretary 

Board of Directors

Garth Altenburg Alessia Doss Carl E. Metzger
Danita Ballantyne  Kathy Jonas Thayer Raines
Barbie Cobb Greg Jutkiewicz Doug Sutherland
 Ellen Deschenes Joanna Lenahan John Tilley

Operating Committees and Task Forces

These committees do not require election. You can simply volunteer for them, most easily by emailing Bud Copeland. He will let you know if there is a current need for help.

The Conference Committee

This committee works to plan and implement the largest education and trade show for camp professionals in New England, coordinating the program, recruiting speakers/presenters, and developing a theme. 
(Greg Jutkiewicz, Program Chair; Joanna Lenahan, Vendor Hall Chair)

In addition, on-site volunteer opportunities include room hosting, raffle sales, registration, and exhibits.

Standards/Accreditation Committee

This committee oversees the ACA accreditation program in New England. (Danita Ballantyne, Chair)

Garth Altenburg
Danita Ballantyne
Barbie Cobb
 Ellen Deschenes